Stemming from a disempowering childhood in Australia, Bonnie learned to chase love down very dark and obscure paths – from haunted trailers in Texas, living in treehouses and taking a 10-day vow of silence in a Buddhist temple, she has combed the globe in a desperate attempt to feel connected. Combining a deep hunger for self-destruction, and a powerful instinct for materialization, Entertaining the Boogeyman is a true story of my brushes with danger, and an attempt to shed light on the dark side of manifestation. It is the Law of Attraction in action.


In three parts, Entertaining the Boogeyman explores what we learn as children, how we apply that to our lives and what happens when we unlearn our childhood teachings. The book is a metamorphosis of a woman overcoming a dark story to find the light; it is a spiritual journey of a person trying to free herself and find acceptance. Imagine Running with Scissors meets Eat Pray Love.


She implores her readers to find their light, no matter how small at times, and to have the courage to walk through darkness to unlock the beauty and power they hold.

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